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Johann Gutenberg

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Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg (circa 13983 Februar, 1468), a German metal-warker an inventor that's weel-kent for his contreibutions ti the technology o prentin in the 1450s, sic as a type metal alloy an ile-based inks, a mould for castin type accurate, an a new kind o prentin press foondit on presses uised in wine-makkin. Tradeition credits him wi inventin muivable type in Europe, a betterment o the block prentin uised there afore. By jyning thir elements intil a production seistem, he stairtit the swith prentin o written materials an an information explosion in Renaissance Europe.

There's monie statues o Gutenberg in Germany, ane o the mair kenspeckle bein a wark bi Thorvaldsen, in Mainz, that is hame tae the Gutenberg Museum forby.

The Gutenberg Galaxy an Project Gutenberg commemorates Gutenberg's name.

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