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Rivers, 2010

Joan Alexandra Rosenberg (née Molinsky; Juin 8, 1933 – September 4, 2014), better kent as Joan Rivers, wis an American comedian, talk show host, businesswoman, an celebrity, kent for her Template:Broken wikt link manner an loud, Template:Broken wikt link voice wi a hivy metropolitan New York accent. She is the Naitional Chairwoman o the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation an is a buird member o God's Love We Deliver.[1]

Similar tae the grund-breakin Phyllis Diller, whose career startit afore an teuk place during hers, Rivers' comedy act wis mainly aboot bad things aboot hersel.

She wis marriet tae James Sanger for a few months in 1955 afore thair marriage wis annulled. She wis marriet tae Edgar Rosenberg frae 1965 till his suicide in 1987. Rivers an Rosenberg haed a dochter, Melissa Rivers.

In the mornin o August 28, 2014, Rivers wis rushit tae the hospital efter sufferin frae cardiac reest durin surgery on her throat.[2] She wis put on life support an wis in a coma.[3]

Rivers deit frae hert failure on September 4, 2014, agit 81.

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