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Little Big Town
Map o Negros Oriental wi Jimalalud heichlichtit
Map o Negros Oriental wi Jimalalud heichlichtit
Jimalalud is located in Philippines
Location athin the Philippines
Coordinates: 09°59′N 123°12′E / 9.983°N 123.200°E / 9.983; 123.200Coordinates: 09°59′N 123°12′E / 9.983°N 123.200°E / 9.983; 123.200
RegionCentral Visayas (Region VII)
ProvinceNegros Oriental
Congr. destrict1st destrict o Negros Oriental
 • MayorReynaldo V. Tuanda
 • Vice-MayorChristopher H. Ampong
 • Total139.50 km2 (53.86 sq mi)
 • Total29,044
 • Density210/km2 (540/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (PST)
ZIP code
Dialin code35

Jimalalud is a 4t cless, pairtially urban municipality in the first congressional destrict o the province o Negros Oriental, Central Visayas, Philippines. Accordin tae the 2010 census, it haes a population o 29,044 fowk.[3] Jimalalud haes a land aurie o 139,500,00 square metres (139.50 square kilometers).[4][5]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Jimalalud wis foonded in 1797 as pairt o Tayasan. In 1910, it wis separatit frae Tayasan an became a unthirlt municipality.

Boondless succar cane fields, teepical o the northren landscape, green Jimalalud maist months o the year. It haes reportit rich deposits o coal, copper, airn an relatit compoonds o magnetite, pyrites an marcasite, but the lodes remain untouched. A Spainyie sodger wis said tae hae askit a native the name o the place, indicatin the aurie. The native thocht he wis referrin tae a tree, an sae informit the sodger that the tree wis cried a “hambabalud.”

In the late 1800s the Recollects biggit here a convent o hardfirths, an imposin structur that wis reputit tae be the biggest convent in the Province for ower a quairter o a century. The Revolution against Spain compelled the friars tae leave an the convent fell intae disrepair. Jimalalud wis made a toun unthirlt o Tayasan in 1910. In 1944 WWII guerillas burned doun the entire toun, leavin Jimalalud athoot a historical laundmerk staundin. Barrio Bankal wis the seat of the 7t Destrict Govrenment durin Warld War II.

The pageantry o its revivit Sinulog keeps Jimalalud’s releegious an cultural heritage alive in a colorful wey. Fiesta time an ither special occasions uisually bring on the toun’s stallions for the excitin, if brutal, spectacle o the Paaway sa Kabayo.

Maist times, Jimalalud is serene an green, an the plaza is the picturesque public space for imbibin the toun’s pastoral ambience.[6]

Barangays[eedit | eedit soorce]

Jimalalud is poleetically subdividit intae 28 barangays.[2]

  • Aglahug
  • Agutayon
  • Ampanangon
  • Bae
  • Bala-as
  • Bangcal
  • Banog
  • Buto
  • Cabang
  • Camandayon
  • Cangharay
  • Canlahao
  • Dayoyo
  • Yli
  • Lacaon
  • Mahanlud
  • Malabago
  • Mambaid
  • Mongpong
  • Owacan
  • Pacuan
  • Panglaya-an
  • North Poblacion
  • South Poblacion
  • Polopantao
  • Sampiniton
  • Talamban
  • Tamao

Eddication[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thare are 2 naitionally-fundit heich schuils in Jimalalud, Jimalalud Naitional High School & Owacan Naitional High School, an Infant Keeng Academy managit bi Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM).

Population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Population census of Jimalalud
YearPop.±% p.a.
1990 22,089—    
1995 23,514+1.26%
2000 26,756+2.62%
2007 27,728+0.51%
2010 29,044+1.56%
Source: National Statistics Office[3]

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