Jenni Falconer

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Jenni Falconer
Jenni Falconer.jpg
Born (1976-02-12) 12 Februar 1976 (age 47)
Glesga, Scotland
ResidenceLunnon, Ingland
ThriftTelevision presenter
Hauf-marrae(s)James Midgly (2010−praisent)
BairnsElla Rose Midgly

Jenni Falconer (born 12 Februar 1976 in Glesga) is a Scots televeesion presenter, weel-kent for haein presentit Entertainment Today on GMTV syne the shaw stertit in 2000. She haes forbye presentit the ITV traivel shaw How to Holiday, in monie weys takkin ower the poseetion ance hauden bi Judith Chalmers, Mary Nightingale an Ruth England, aa ae-time presenters o Wish You Were Here...?, the traivel programme that haed been on afore.

Jenni haes presentit monie ither telly shaws forbye, sic as The Big Country (for BBC Scotland), Pleasure Island an Drop the Celebrity.

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