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Jean Thouma Hannah Succar Kuri (born 19 September 1944) is a Mexican businessman convictit o pederasty in Cancún, Quintana Roo.[1] He is an American legal resident an aw.[2] He haes been sentencit tae 112 years o jyle on 31 August 2011.[3]

On 19 August 1975, Succar arrivit in the state o Guanajuato wi relatives o his, an then relocated tae Cancún, which wis seein an explosion in the tourist industry. He then marriet, divorcit, remarriet (tae an 18-year-auld wumman) an she is the mither o his five childer. He saw his empire grow frae a soda staund tae group o fower villas, an 70 hotel ruims, an ane hotel. His fortune is estimatit tae be 30 million dollars.

Efter the publication o the expose Demons o Eden bi Lydia Cacho, he wis associatit wi Puebla-based Lebanese-Mexican businessman Kamel Nacif Borge in a sexual exploitation ring .[4] In 2004 he wis detained in Chandler, Arizona, an extraditit tae Mexico bi a request o the Attorney General an Interpol .[5] He wis accuised o child pornografie, child sexual abuis an statutory rape .[6] an wis feenally sentencit tae 112 years in preeson on chairges o child pornografie an corruption o minors, a sentence that wis later reducit tae 60 years in line wi Mexican law.[2][7]

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