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Jean Redpath

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Jean Redpath

Born28 Apryle 1937
Dee'd21 August 2014
Arizona Unitit States
ThriftScots muisician and sangster
Kent forRobert Burns sangs

Jean Redpath, MBE, (b. 28 Apryle 1937 - d. 21 August 2014) wis a sangster o Scots muisic. She wis weel-kent as a folk sangster an recordit mony o the sangs o Robert Burns.

Robert Burns Sang - Ca' the Yowes

Jean Redpath wis born in Edinburgh, an dee'd in Arizona in the Unitit States.[1] She hid bided and sang wi sangster Bob Dylan in New York whiles.[1] An she travailit athort Americae wi her sangs an wis o TV an Radio,[2] an recordit Scots folk sangs an mony sangs o Robert Burns, frae 1962 tae 1990. She becam airtist in residence in 1972 at the Wesleyan Varsity o Middletoun, Connecticut an syne at Stirlin varsity in 1979 an in 2011 at the Varsity o Edinburgh.[3]

She wis gien honorar doctorates frae the varsities o Stirlin, Saunt Andraes, Glesga an the Ryal Scottish Academie o Drama an Airt (noo the Ryal Conservatoire o Scotland). She wis makit an MBE in 1987.[3]

In 2008, Redpath wis eikit tae the Scottish Traditional Music Hall o Fame. She wis makit a Colonel of the Steet o Kentucky.[3]

The Varsity o Sooth Carolina haes an archive o Jean Redpath warks an correspondence.[4]

Leven, Fife wis whaur she wis brocht up, an haes a street cried efter hir: 'Jean Redpath Wynd'.[5]

Scots sangster, Sheena Wellington thocht Redpath wis (in Inglis) "the foremost ambassador for Scottish traditional song for more than 50 years".[1]

Discography[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Scottish Ballad Book (1962)[6]
  • Laddie Lie Near Me (1963)[6]
  • Lilt and Laughter (1963)[6]
  • Frae My Ain Countrie (1973)[6]
  • Jean Redpath (1975)[6]
  • Songs Of Robert Burns vol 1 (1976)[6]
  • Song of the Seals (1978)[6]
  • Father Adam (1979)[6]
  • Lowlands (1980)[6]
  • Songs Of Robert Burns vol 2 (1980)[6]
  • Songs Of Robert Burns vol 3 (1981)[6]
  • Songs Of Robert Burns vol 4 (1981)[6]
  • Haydn: Scottish Songs (1984)[6]
  • Songs of Robert Burns vol 5 (1985)[6]
  • Lady Nairne (1986)
  • A Fine Song For Singing (1987)
  • Songs Of Robert Burns vol 6 (1987)[6]
  • First Flight (1989)
  • Songs Of Robert Burns vol 7 (1990)
  • Leaving the Land (1990)

Fremmit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

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