Jean Chrétien

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The Richt Honourable
Jean Chrétien
Jean Chrétien 2010.jpg
Chrétien in Mey 2010
20t Prime Meenister o Canadae
In office
November 4, 1993 – December 12, 2003
Monarch Elizabeth II
Govrenor General Ray Hnatyshyn
Roméo LeBlanc
Adrienne Clarkson
Deputy Sheila Copps (1993–1996, 1996–1997)
Herb Gray (1997–2002)
John Manley (2002–2003)
Precedit bi Kim Campbell
Succeedit bi Paul Martin
Leader o the Opposeetion
In office
December 21, 1990 – November 4, 1993
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Meenister Brian Mulroney
Kim Campbell
Precedit bi Herb Gray (actin)
Succeedit bi Lucien Bouchard
2nt Deputy Prime Meenister o Canadae
18t Secretar for Freemit Affairs
In office
Juin 30, 1984 – September 17, 1984
Prime Meenister John Turner
Precedit bi Allan MacEachen
Succeedit bi Erik Nielsen (Deputy PM)
Joe Clark (Freemit Affairs)
7t Meenister o Energy, Mines an Resoorces
In office
September 10, 1982 – Juin 30, 1984
Prime Meenister Pierre Trudeau
Precedit bi Marc Lalonde
Succeedit bi Gerald Regan
36t Meenister o Justice
In office
Mairch 3, 1980 – September 9, 1982
Prime Meenister Pierre Trudeau
Precedit bi Jacques Flynn
Succeedit bi Mark MacGuigan
27t Meenister o Finance
In office
September 16, 1977 – Juin 4, 1979
Prime Meenister Pierre Trudeau
Precedit bi Donald Stovel Macdonald
Succeedit bi John Crosbie
4t Meenister o Industry, Trade an Commerce
In office
September 14, 1976 – September 15, 1977
Prime Meenister Pierre Trudeau
Precedit bi Don Jamieson
Succeedit bi Jack Horner
3rd Preses o the Treasury Buird
In office
August 8, 1974 – September 13, 1976
Prime Meenister Pierre Trudeau
Precedit bi Charles Drury
Succeedit bi Bob Andras
2nt Meenister o Indian Affairs an Northren Development
In office
Julie 5, 1968 – August 7, 1974
Prime Meenister Pierre Trudeau
Precedit bi Arthur Laing
Succeedit bi Judd Buchanan
13t Meenister o Naitional Revenue
In office
Januar 18, 1968 – Julie 5, 1968
Prime Meenister Lester B. Pearson
Pierre Trudeau
Precedit bi Edgar Benson
Succeedit bi Jean-Pierre Côté
Meenister wioot portfolio
In office
1967 – Januar 18, 1968
Prime Meenister Lester B. Pearson
Member o Pairlament
for Saint-Maurice
In office
October 25, 1993 – December 12, 2003
Precedit bi Denis Pronovost
Succeedit bi Marcel Gagnon
Member o Pairlament
for Beauséjour
In office
December 10, 1990 – October 25, 1993
Precedit bi Fernand Robichaud
Succeedit bi Fernand Robichaud
Member o Pairlament for
Saint-Maurice—Laflèche (1963–1968)
Saint-Maurice (1968–1986)
In office
Aprile 8, 1963 – Februar 27, 1986
Precedit bi Gérard Lamy
Succeedit bi Gilles Grondin
Personal details
Born Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien
(1934-01-11) 11 Januar 1934 (age 85)
Shawinigan, Quebec, Canadae
Poleetical pairty Liberal
Spoose(s) Aline Chrétien
Relations Michel Chrétien (brither)
Raymond Chrétien (nephew)
Bairns Hubert Chrétien, Michel Chrétien, an France Chrétien Desmarais
Residence Shawinigan, Quebec
Alma mater Université Laval
Thrift Lawyer
Religion Roman Catholicism

Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien PC OM CC QC (born Januar 11, 1934), kent commonly as Jean Chrétien (French pronunciation: ​[ʒɑ̃ kʁetjɛ̃]), is a Canadian politeecian an statesman who served as the 20t Prime Meenister o Canadae.