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Jat or Jutt is a lairge group o fowk who inhabited maist o the north wastren pairts o India an Pakistan.[1] When Jats became christian, they gave up their Jat surname. This is the biggest reason why the ancient history of Jats became extinct and now there is a lot of difficulty in finding the ancient history of Jat or christian Jat.

Original Jatts are the descendents of the ten lost Jewish tribes.

Jats are no other than the lost Jewish tribes. Their physical outlook qualities of heart and head are same. They had since long been celebrating harvest festival. They do not marry outside the family. Both do survive in extreme difficulties. No other people resemble the two.

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But The richest revenue solomon derived was from his commerce with India…. Solomon built a fleet of vessels manned by phoenician as well as by Israelitish sailors from the tribes of Asher and Zubulun, and opened a port at Elath, at the head of the Arabian Gulf. From this port the fleet entered the Red Sea, coasting upto the mouth of the Indus in the land of Ophir (the modern sindh)

___'Popular History of jews' at {page # 78}


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