Jason Keyser

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Jason Keyser is an American daith metal vocalist who haes played in several daith metal baunds sic Skinless an an Mucopus. He is an aa the current vocalist for Origin.

Keyser jynt the daith metal baund Skinless as thair new frontman in November 2004. Jason haes released ane album wi them (Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead, 2006) an anither album wi Detriment (Plague Rituals, 2004). He is an aa currently a member o brutal daith metal baund Mucopus,[1] providin the vocals on thair 2007 release Undimensional. Jason Keyser is Joe Keyser's brither, who plays the bass in in Skinless. In 2011 he wis recruitit bi the baund Origin for the album Entity.

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