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Janet Paisley

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Janet Violet Paisley née McNaught (12 Januar 1948 – 9 November 2018) wis a writer, poet an playwricht frae Scotland writin in Scots an Inglis.[1] Her wirk haes been pit ower intae German, Roushin, Lithuanien, Slovak, Spainis, Hungarian, Ukrainian an Italian.[2]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Paisley wis born Janet Violet McNaught in Ilford, Inglan, on 12 Janiwar 1948.[3] Her mither wis Harriet McNaught (née Wilson) teuk her an her twa sisters til Avonbridge,[4] whaur thay bade wi thair grandfaither.[3] She wint tae Callendar Park College of Education, graduatin in 1969.[3]

She mairriet whan she wis 21 in Juin 1969.[5]

She wis the mither o seivin loons, includin actor David Paisley.[6] Ane dee'd in bairnheid.[3]

She deed on 9 November 2018 fae cancer o the buffs.[7][3]

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

She wis a member o the Wirkin Pairty for a Scottish National Theatre, the SAC Scots Language Synergy, an the Cross Pairty Parliamentary Group for the Scots Language.[8] She held three Creative Writing Fellowships, received twa Scottish Airts Council Writer's Bursaries an a Playwright's Bursary, editit New Writing Scotland an co-ordinated the furst Scottish PEN Weemen Writers Committee.

Her first play Refuge won the Peggy Ramsay Awaird in 1996.[9] She wis gien a Creative Scotlan Awaird tae write Not for Glory (2000),[10] a quair o airtit short stories in Scots set in a smaw clachan in Central Scotland. Not for Glory wis ane o the ten Scottish finalists votit fur bi the public in the 2003 World Book Day 'We are what we read' poll.[11]

The short film Long Haul, written bi Paisley, won a BAFTA nomination in 2001.[12]

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