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Creative Scotlan
Alba Chruthachail
Creative Scotland
Agency owerview
Precedin agencies
TeepExecutive non-departmental public body
Agency executive
  • Iain Munro, Acting Chief Executive

Creative Scotlan[1] (Scots Gaelic: Alba Chruthachail [ˈal̪ˠapə ˈxɾuhəxal]; Inglis: Creative Scotland) is the development body fur the airts an creautive industries in Scotland. Based in Edinburgh, it is an executive non-departmental public body fur the Scots Govrenment.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The organisation wis pit thegither bi the passin o the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 [2] an inheritit the functions of Scottish Screen an the Scottish Arts Council on 1 Julie 2010. A temporar company, Creative Scotland 2009, wis set up tae gie a haun wi the transition frae the existin organisations.

In 2015, thay pit oot a Scots Leid Policie, detailin the wirks in Scots thit thay fund[3], hounaiver the style o Scots uised wis subject tae controversey.[4][5]

Janet Archer owergied her role as chief executive fur Creative Scotland in Juin 2018, efter jyinin the organisation in Julie 2013.[6] She wis replacit bi depute chief executive Iain Munro, thit teuk on the role fur actin chief executive.

Purpose[eedit | eedit soorce]

Creative Scotland haes the follaein general functions:

  • Leukin fur, supportin an developin quality an excellence in the airts an cultur frae fowk engaged in artistic an ither creautive ettlins,
  • Promuivin unnerstandin, appreciation an injeyment fur the airts and cultur,
  • Encouragin as mony fowk as possible tae access an parteecipate in the airts and cultur,
  • Realisin, as far as it can be duin reasonable-like, the vailyie an benefits (parteecular, the naitional an internaitional vailyie an benefits) fae the airts an cultur,
  • Encouragin an supportin artistic an ither creautive ettlins thit contreebute tae an understaunin fur Scotland's naitional cultur in its broad sense as a wey o life,
  • Promuivin an supportin industries an ither commercial acteevity the main focus fur whit the application o creautive skeels is fur.

Controversies[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sin it stairtit, Creative Scotlan haes been involved wi some controversies, an been challenged bi key feegures in the airts an film industries in the kintra. In 2012, 400 airtist, scriever, playwricht an muisicker' protestin Creative Scotlan's guideship led tae Creative Scotlan's than-chief Andrew Dixon tae owergie his role.[7][8] In Mairch 2011, Creative Scotland was debatit in the Scots Pairliament efter suspeecious spendin, sic as the fundin o £58,000 tae finance a dance programme based on the wirks o Alfred Hitchcock an a trip tae Tonga tae study Polynesian dancin, was unkivert.[9][10] In Januar 2015, the organisation wis miscad bi filmmakkars fur offerin less nor half o the needit tae pit thegither a blockbuster film The Rezort wishin tae film in Scotland, thit resultit in the production muivin tae Wales.[11][12]

Kenspeckle critics fur Creative Scotland in the Scots airts warld include Liz Lochhead,[13] Don Paterson,[14] Ian Rankin, David Greig,[15] Alasdair Gray an James Kelman.[16][17]

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