James Law

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The Maist Reverend
James Law
Airchbeeshop o Glasgow
James Law d1632.jpg
See Airchdiocese o Glesga
Installed 1615
Term endit 1632
Predecessor John Spottiswoode
Successor Patrick Lindsay
Consecration 1610/1611
Personal details
Born ca. 1560
Died 12 November 1632
Denomination Kirk o Scotland
Parents James Law o Spittal an Unkent

James Law (ca. 1560 – 12 November 1632) wis Airchbishop o Glesga. Enterin the kirk efter graduation frae varsity, he rose tae the poseetion o Beeshop o Orkney, reorganisin the diocese, afore risin tae haud the poseetion o Airchbishop o Glesga.[1]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. James Law Varsity o Glesga
Releegious teetles
Precedit bi
Adam Bothwell
Bishop of Orkney
Succeedit bi
George Graham
Precedit bi
John Spottiswoode
Archbishop of Glasgow
Succeedit bi
Patrick Lindsay