Jagiellonian dynasty

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Jagiellonian dynasty
Kintra Kinrick o Poland
Grand Duchy o Lithuanie
Kinrick o Hungary
Kinrick o Bohemie
Parent hooseGediminids
TitlesKeeng o Poland
Keeng o Hungary
Keeng o Bohemia
Keeng o Croatia
Keeng o Dalmatie
Keeng o Rama
Keeng o Serbie
Keeng o Bulgarie
Keeng o Slavonie
Grand Duke o Lithuanie
Duke o Silesia
Duke o Ruthenie
Duke o Luxembourg
FoonderWładysław II Jagiełło
Final rulerAnna Jagiellon o Poland

The Jagiellonian dynasty wis a ryal dynasty, foondit bi Jogaila, the Grand Duke o Lithuania, who in 1386 wis baptised as Władysław, married Queen (strictly King)[1] Jadwiga o Poland, an wis crouned Keeng o Poland as Władysław II Jagiełło.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Jadwiga wis crouned Keeng o Poland — Hedvig Rex Poloniæ, nae Hedvig Regina Poloniæ. Pols law haed no proveesion for a female ruler (queen regnant), but did nae specify that the Keeng haed tae be a male. The masculine gender o her teetle wis an aa meant tae emphasize that she wis monarch in her ain richt, not a queen consort.