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J. I. Packer

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J. I. Packer
BornJames Innell Packer
22 Julie 1926(1926-07-22)
Gloucester, Ingland
Dee'd17 Julie 2020(2020-07-17) (aged 93)
ThriftProfessor o Theology at Regent College
DenominationReformed, Anglican
Academic backgrund
EducationCorpus Christi College
InfluencesC. S. Lewis, John Owen (theologian)
Academic wirk
Main interestsEvangelical theology, Evangelical ecumenism
Notable wirksKnowing God (1973)
InfluencedAnglican Kirk in North Americae as theologian emeritus

James Innell Packer (born 22 Julie 1926; deed 17 Julie 2020), uisually citit as J. I. Packer, wis a Breetish-born Canadian Christian theologian in the law kirk Anglican an Reformed tradeetions.