Ivan VI o Roushie

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Ivan VI
Ivan VI of Russia with Y.Mengden by anonymous (18th c., Tretyakov gallery) detail 01.jpg
Emperor an Autocrat o Aw the Roushies
Ring 28 October 1740 – 6 December 1741
Coronation never crouned
Predecessor Anna
Successor Elizabeth
Born 23 August 1740(1740-08-23)
Saunt Petersburg
Dee'd 16 Julie 1764(1764-07-16) (aged 23)
Buirial Kholmogory or Shlisselburg
Full name
Ivan Antonovich
Hoose Hoose o Brunswick-Bevern
Faither Duke Anthony Ulrich o Brunswick
Mither Grand Duchess Anna Leopoldovna o Roushie
Releegion Eastren Orthodox

Ivan VI Antonovich o Roushie (Ivan Antonovich; Roushie: Иван VI; Иван Антонович; 23 August [A.S. 12 August] 1740 – 16 Julie [A.S. 5 Julie] 1764), wis proclaimed Emperor o Roushie in 1740, as an infant, althou he never actually reigned.