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Ivan Babushkin

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Ivan Babushkin
Born3 Januar 1873(1873-01-03)
Vologda Govrenorate, Roushie
Dee'd18 Januar 1906(1906-01-18) (aged 33)
Mysovaya station, Roushie

Ivan Babushkin (Roushie: Иван Васильевич Бабушкин) (pseudonym Nikolay Nikolaevich) (3 Januar 1873 – 18 Januar 1906) wis a Roushie profeesional Bolshevik revolutionar. He wis born in the selo o Ledengskoye o the Vologda Govrenorate, currently in Babushkinsky Destrict o Vologda Oblast.[1]

Babushkin wirkit as an apprentice metalwirker in Kronstadt atween 1887-91. In the simmer o 1891, he foond wirk at the Semiannikov Factory in St. Petersburg. In 1894, he made the acquaintance o Lenin durin the wirkers' Marxist circle meetins, which Lenin conductit. A year later, he wis an active pairticipant in the St. Petersburg’s League o Struggle for the Emancipation o the Wirkin Class. He organisit revolutionar activities targetin the wirkers o the Semiannikov an Aleksandrov factories.[2]

His role in the League o Struggle resultit in arrest an subsequent exile tae Ekaterinoslav in 1897. Less nor ten month later he wis ane o the organizers o the Ekaterinoslav League o Struggle for the Emancipation o the Wirkin Class. In October o the follaein year he set up the Ekaterinoslav Committee o the Roushie Social Democratic Labour Pairty (RSDLP). In 1900, Babushkin establisht an illegal newspaper, Luzhnyi Rabochii. Babushkin wis a key agent an correspondent for Lenin’s Iskra. Atween 1900–01 he wis ahint notable revolutionar activities in Moscow, Smolensk, Polotsk, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Ivanovo-Voznesensk, an ither ceeties. In 1902 he managit tae escape frae the Ekaterinoslav preeson, an sneakit intae Lunnon. He returned tae Roushie in October 1902.[2]

He wis executit at the Mysovaya station o the Trans-Siberie Railwey in 1906. The nearbi toun o Mysovsk wis renamit efter him in 1941.

In 1941, Ledengsky Destrict o Vologda Oblast an the selo o Ledengskoye hae been renamit intae Babushkinsky Destrict an the selo o Imeni Babushkina, respectively.[3] Thare are streets in mony Roushie ceeties an aw (includin Moscow, Ivana Babushkina Street), namit efter Babushkin.

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