Itapiranga, Amazonas

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Day-set in Itapiranga
Day-set in Itapiranga

Coordinates: 02°44′56″S 58°01′19″W / 2.74889°S 58.02194°W / -2.74889; -58.02194 Itapiranga is a municipality locatit in the state o Amazonas northren Brazil on the left bank o the Solimões River aboot 200 km east o Manaus. Its population wis 8,625 (2005) an its aurie is 4,231 km².[1]

The name is o Indian oreegin, an wis gien tae a quarry which haes a port. It comes frae ita, stane an pitanga, red, so the name means "red stane".

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

It was founded in 1931 as a suburb of Silves.

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