Itō Hirobumi

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Itō Hirobumi
伊藤 博文
1st, 5t, 7t, an 10t Prime Meenister o Japan
In office
19 October 1900 – 10 Mey 1901
Precedit biYamagata Aritomo
Succeedit biSaionji Kinmochi (Actin)
In office
12 Januar – 30 Juin 1898
Precedit biMatsukata Masayoshi
Succeedit biŌkuma Shigenobu
In office
8 August 1892 – 31 August 1896
Precedit biMatsukata Masayoshi
Succeedit biKuroda Kiyotaka (Acting)
In office
22 December 1885 – 30 Aprile 1888
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biKuroda Kiyotaka
Resident General o Korea
In office
21 December 1905 – 14 Juin 1909
Precedit biPosition established
Succeedit biSone Arasuke
Personal details
Born16 October 1841(1841-10-16)
Tsukari, Suo Province, Japan
Dee'd26 October 1909(1909-10-26) (aged 68)
Harbin, Manchuria, Cheenae
Cause o daithAssassination
Poleetical pairtyFriends o Constitutional Govrenment (1900–1909)
Ither poleetical
Independent (Afore 1900)
Spoose(s)Itō Umeko
Alma materUniversite College Lunnon

Prince Itō Hirobumi, GCB[1] (伊藤 博文, 16 October 1841 – 26 October 1909, cried Hirofumi/Hakubun an Shunsuke in his youth) an aw, wis a samurai o Chōshū domain, Japanese statesman, fower time Prime Meenister o Japan (the 1st, 5t, 7t an 10t), genrō an Resident-General o Korea. Itō wis assassinatit bi Korean naitionalist An Jung-geun.[2] The politeecian, intellectual, an author Suematsu Kenchō wis Itō's son-in-law, havin mairit his seicont dauchter, Ikuko.

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