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Irina Kaarina Krohn (born 10 Julie 1962) is a Finnish politeecian an a umwhile member o Finnish Pairlament, representin the Green League. She is member o the ceety cooncil o Helsinki an haes held positions in various ither organisations an aw. She wis first electit tae the parliament in 1995. She is a substitute member o the Parliamentary Assembly o the Cooncil o Europe an a member o the Sub-Committees on Sustainable Development an Population

In December 2005, Krohn wis appointit the new managin director o the Finnish Film Foundation; she wis succeedit in the Parliament bi anither Green from Helsinki, Johanna Sumuvuori.

Krohn wis born tae Leena (née Salo) an Kai Krohn in Helsinki, Finland. The eldest o three dochters, her younger sisters include theatre director Katja (born 1 November 1966) an politeecian Minerva (born 7 November 1967). She haes a maister's degree frae the Theatre Academy o Finland. Krohn wis marriet 18 years tae the movie director Wille Mäkelä. They hae twa childer, Rudolf (b. 1993) an Frida (b. 1997). Krohn is the niece o the Finnish author an journalist Kaarina Goldberg.

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