Ioannis Metaxas

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Ioannis Metaxas
Greek: Ιωάννης Μεταξάς
Prime Meenister o Greece
In office
13 Aprile 1936 – 29 Januar 1941
Monarch George II
Precedit bi Konstantinos Demertzis
Succeedit bi Alexandros Koryzis
Personal details
Born 12 Apryle 1871(1871-04-12)
Ithaca, Greece
Dee'd 29 Januar 1941(1941-01-29) (aged 69)
Athens, Greece
Poleetical pairty Freethinkers' Pairty (1922-1936)
Independent (1936-1941)
Religion Orthodox Christian
Militar service
Service/branch Hellenic Airmy
Years o service 1897-1923
Rank GR-Army-OF8-1912.svg Lieutenant General
Battles/wars Greco-Turkish War (1897), Balkan Wars, Noemvriana

Ioannis Metaxas (Greek: Ιωάννης Μεταξάς) (12 Aprile 1871 – 29 Januar 1941) wis a Greek general an politeecian, servin as Prime Meenister o Greece frae 1936 till his daith in 1941. He govrened constitutionally for the first fower months o his tenure, an thareefter as the strangman o the 4t o August Regime.