Interrogation scene

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A blonde lass stairtin her wirk day.

A interrogation scene is a shape o BDSM roleplay in whilk the participants act oot the pairts o torturer an veectim. As in real life tortur chambers throuoot the warld, the "torturer" uises threats, humiliation an pheesical pain tae extract whaever wittins he/she believes the "veectim" possesses. The gemme is ower ance the victim haes brakken an divulged the secret. The lenth an severity o the scene will vary accordin tae the temperament o the players. Dedicatit players attempt tae replicate the atmosphere o a real tortur session an, as in real life, the "victim" can expect tae be strippit nakit, tee'd up, mockit an abuisit.

Popular methods o play in interrogation scenes include tickle tortur, whaur the victim will be tee'd up an tickled continuously athoot relief (parteecularly in auries that are quite sensitive; sic as the belly, unnerarms, feet, taes, nipples, labia, an clitoris) till the victim submits an reveals the information.

Ane shape o tortur is orgasm control or erotic sexual denial, whaur the submissive victim is sexually stimulatit tae the brink o orgasm bi the torturer. The torturer mey then reduce the stimulation an keep the victim in a state o extendit arousal for a lang period o time. Bi varyin the pace o the stimulation, the victim mey be forcit tae unnergo cycles o "up" an "doun" arousal bi the torturer. When satisfee'd wi the experience, the victim mey divulge the secret in order tae be brocht tae the desired orgasm bi the torturer. The interrogation mey be continued past the orgasm, pairticularly if the victim orgasms athoot divulgin the secret. Generally, the clitoris becomes vera sensitive efter orgasm, an continued stimulation mey manifest mair as a extreme ticklin sensation. This can acome quite uncomfortable for the female victim, or aiblins even painful, providin her wi a incentive tae comply wi her torturer's demands.

In at least ane legal case, interrogation fantasies hae been raised as a defence tae a ceevil lawsuit.

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