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SpecialtyPsychiatry, sleep medicin
ICD-10F51.0, G47.0
ICD-9-CM307.42, 307.41, 327.0, 780.51, 780.52
Patient UKInsomnia

Insomnia, kent as sleeplessness an aw, is a sleep disorder whaur fowk hae trooble sleepin.[1] Thay mey hae difficulty fawin asleep, or stayin asleep as lang as desired.[2][3] Insomnia is teepically follaed bi daytime sleepiness, law energy, irritability, an a depressed muid. It mey result in an increased risk o motor vehicle collisions, as well as problems focusin an learnin. Insomnia can be short term, lastin for days or weeks, or lang term, lastin mair nor a month.[1]

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