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The Innocenti Mini is an automobile introduced bi Leyland Innocenti in 1974. The vehicle wis a rebodied, 3-door hatchback version o the Mini, styled bi Bertone.

The new-style Mini wis originally launched in twa versions, the 90L an 120L – the former haein the 998 cc A-series ingine puttin oot 43 bhp (32 kW; 44 PS), an the latter the 1275 cc unit, wi an extra 20 bhp (15 kW; 20 PS) on tap. These outputs wur later upratit tae 49 bhp (37 kW; 50 PS) an 65 bhp (48 kW; 66 PS) respectively.

Housomeivver, athin a year o its launch, BLMC went bankrupt an Innocenti wis selt tae de Tomaso - see Innocenti De Tomaso - who built the caur till 1993.

Efter 1982, the Breetish ingines incorporatit intae the original design being nae langer available, the caur wis adaptit tae take a three cylinder Daihatsu ingine frae 1983.

At ane stage, the Innocenti Mini wis selt in the UK an there wur even plans for it tae replace the Breetish Mini, but these came tae nothin.

Innocenti 90L pre-face-lift

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