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Innocenti De Tomaso

The Innocenti De Tomaso wis an automobile produced bi Nuova Innocenti frae 1976 tae 1992. The 4-cylinder version wis produced atween 1976 an 1982, the 3-cylinder version Turbo wis produced atween 1983 an 1989.

Innocenti, unner the awnership o the British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC) developed rebodied versions o the Mini, the Innocenti Mini 90L ad 120L, which wur released in 1974. Houever, wi'in a year o the caur's launch, BLMC went bankrupt an Innocenti wis sold tae the Italian sports caur maker, De Tomaso, in 1975.

Follaein the sale tae De Tomaso, an upratit version o the Mini 120L wis launched in 1976, producinga uiseful 71 bhp (74 bhp frae 1978 onwards); kent simply as the Innocenti De Tomaso, this version featurt mouldit plastic bumpers (in place o the oreeginal chrome items), wi integral front foglamps an a go-faster air intake mountit on the bonnet.

In 1982, the caur wis renamed the 3C as the company replaced the Mini underpinnings wi chassis an straight-3 cylinder ingines soorced frae the Daihatsu Charade. The base model wis nou cried the Innocenti 990, while the Innocenti De Tomaso nou received a turbocharged version o the 993 cc pouerplant, wi a diesel variant an aa available.

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