Ingland naitional fitbaw team

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Shirt badge/Association crest
AssociationThe Football Association
ConfederationUEFA (Europe)
Heid coachGareth Southgate
CaiptainHarry Kane
Maist kaipsPeter Shilton (125)
Tap scorerWayne Rooney (53)
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current 4 Increase 1 (19 November 2021)[1]
Heichest3 (August 2012)
Lawest27 (Februar 1996)
Elo rankin
Current 6 Increase 3 (15 December 2021)[2]
Heichest1 (1872–1876
Lawest16 (Juin 19, 2014)
First international
 Scotland 0–0 Ingland Ingland
(Partick, Scotland; 31 Julie 1872)
Biggest win
 Ireland 0–13 Ingland Ingland
(Belfast, Ireland; 31 Julie 1882)
Biggest defeat
 Hungary 7–1 Ingland Ingland
(Budapest, Hungary; 23 Mey 1954)
Warld Cup
Appearances14 (first in 1950)
Best resultWinners: 1966
European Championship
Appearances8 (first in 1968)
Best resultThird: 1968
Semi-finals: 1996

The Ingland naitional fitbaw team represents Ingland at fitbaw an is controlled bi The Football Association, the govrening body for fitbaw in Ingland. Ingland are ane o the twa auldest naitional teams in fitball; alangside Scotland, wha they played in the warld's first internaitional fitbaw match in 1872. Ingland is ane o the Unitit Kingdom's Hame Naitions, meanin that it is alloued bi FIFA tae mainteen its ain naitional side.[3] Ingland's hame grund is Wembley Stadium, Lunnon, an the current team manager is Gareth Southgate.

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