Inca Kola

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Inca Kola
Inca Kola
TypeSaft drink
ManufacturerCorporación José R. Lindley S.A.
Kintra o originPeru
Relatit productsCoca-Cola, Kola Real

Inca Kola is a gey an sonsie cola saft drink makkit in Peru. It is common in pairts o Sooth Americae, an while it haesna gotten major sonse ithergates, it can be fand in Laitin American speicialty shaps warldwide. The hinnie gust mynds a puckle fowk o bubblegum. Inca Kola is yellae-gowd in lit, an selt in gless an plestic bottles o sindry bouks an a tin o the same lit wi an Inca motif. As o 2005, Inca Kola is selt in supermercats in the Unitit States in 2-litre bottles, tins, an indiveedual bottles.