Imperial College London

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Imperial College London
MottoScientia imperii decus et tutamen (Laitin)[note 1]
Motto in Scots
Scienteefic knawledge, the crounin glory an the saufgaird o the empire
TeepPublic resairch varsity
Established1907 bi Ryal Chairter[2] (1823 earliest medical school)
Endowment£157.1 million (as of 31 July 2017)[3]
Budget£1.027 billion (2017–2018)[3]
PresesAlice Gast
ProvostIan Walmsley
VeesitorThe Laird Preses o the Cooncil ex officio
Academic staff
3,765[4] (2016–2017)
Admeenistrative staff
3,940[4] (2016–2017)
Students19,400 (2019/20)[5]
Unnergraduates10,475 (2019/20)[5]
Postgraduates8,925 (2019/20)[5]
LocationLunnon, Unitit Kinrick
ColoursImperial Blue[6]      
Global Alliance of Technological Universities
Gowden Triangle
Russell Group

Imperial College London (legally Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine)[7] is a public resairch varsity locatit in Lunnon,I ngland. In 1851, Prince Albert biggit his veesion for a cultural aurie componed o the Victoria an Albert Museum, Naitural History Museum, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Colleges, an the Imperial Institute.[8][9]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The motto an coat o airms war grantit tae Imperial College bi Ryal Warrant in 1908.[1]

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Coordinates: 51°29′54″N 0°10′37″W / 51.498356°N 0.176894°W / 51.498356; -0.176894