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Ice cream

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Ice cream
A cocktail glass o ice cream, wi whipped cream an a wafer
Main ingredientsMilk or cream, succar
VariationsGelato, sorbet, frozen custard
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Ice cream (derived frae earlier iced cream or cream ice[1]) is a frozen dessert uisually made frae dairy products, sic as milk an cream an eften combined wi fruits or ither ingredients an flavours. Maist varieties contain succar, altho some are made wi ither sweeteners. In some cases, airtificial flavourins an colourins are uised in addeetion tae, or insteid o, the naitural ingredients. The mixtur o chosen ingredients is stirred slowly while cuilin, in order tae incorporate air an tae prevent lairge ice crystals frae formin. The result is a smuithly textured semi-solit foam that is malleable an can be scooped.

The meanin o the phrase "ice cream" varies frae ane kintra tae anither. Phrases sic as "frozen custard", "frozen yogurt", "sorbet", "gelato" an ithers are uised tae distinguish different varieties an styles. In some kintras, sic as the Unitit States, the phrase "ice cream" applies anly tae a specific variety, an maist govrenments regulate the commercial uise o the various terms accordin tae the relative quantities o the main ingredients.[2] Products that dae nae meet the criteria tae be cried ice cream are labelled "frozen dairy dessert" insteid.[3] In ither countries, sic as Italy an Argentinae, ane wird is uised for aw variants. Analogues made frae dairy alternatives, sic as gait's or sheep's milk, or milk substitutes, are available for those who are lactose intolerant, allergic tae dairy protein, or vegan. The maist popular flavours o ice cream are vanilla an chocolate.[4]

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