Ibrox Stadium

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Ibrox Stadium
Ibrox Inside.jpg
Inside Ibrox looking towards the Broomloan Stand
Ibrox Stadium is locatit in Glasgow council area
Ibrox Stadium
Location in Glesga
Umwhile names Ibrox Park
Location 150 Edmiston Drive
Unitit Kinrick
Coordinates 55°51′11.54″N 4°18′33.33″W / 55.8532056°N 4.3092583°W / 55.8532056; -4.3092583
Broke grund 1899
Opened 30 December 1899
Renovatit 1928, Main Stand (built)
1979, Copland Stand (built)
1980, Broomloan Stand (built)
1981, Govan Stand (built)
1991, Main Stand (third tier)
Ainer Rangers Football Club Ltd
Operator Rangers Football Club
Surface Grass
Airchitect Archibald Leitch
Capacity 50,987 (all seated)
Field size 115 x 75 yards
Rangers Football Club

Ibrox is ane o the few 5 starn European stadiums in Breetan an ane o twa in Scotland (the ither is Hampden Pairk). It is weel kent for its tap cless hospitality an its ootstaundin main staund that haes been up for years an years. It's hame tae The Rangers.