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Ibn Saud.png
Keeng o Saudi Arabie
Ring 14 August 1932 – 9 November 1953
Coronation 22 September 1932
Predecessor Hissel as Keeng o Nejd an Hejaz
Successor Saud
Keeng o Nejd an Hejaz
Reing 8 Januar 1926 – 23 September 1932
Successor Hissel as Keeng o Saudi Arabie
Born 15 Januar 1876
Riyadh, Seicont Saudi State
Dee'd 9 November 1953 (agit 77)
Buirial Al Oud cemetery, Riyadh
Issue Prince Turki o Najd
Keeng Saud
Keeng Faisal
Prince Muhammad
King Khalid
Prince Nasser
Prince Saad
Prince Mansour
Keeng Fahd
Prince Bandar
Prince Musa'id
Keeng Abdullah
Prince Abdul Muhsin
Prince Mishaal
Prince Sultan
Prince Abdul Rahman
Prince Mutaib
Prince Talal
Prince Mishari
Prince Badr
Prince Turki the Sudairi
Prince Nawwaf
Prince Nayef
Prince Fawwaz
Croun Prince Salman
Prince Majid
Prince Thamir
Prince Abdul Illah
Prince Mamdouh
Prince Sattam
Prince Ahmed
Prince Abdul Majeed
Prince Hazloul
Prince Mashhur
Prince Muqrin
Prince Hamoud
Princess Al Bandari
Princess Sultana
Princess Luluwah
Princess Al Jawhara
Princess Haya
Princess Seeta
Princess Latifa
Full name
Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman bin Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Saud
Hoose Hoose o Saud
Faither Abdul Rahman bin Faisal
Mither Sarah Al Sudairi
Releegion Islam

Abdul Aziz Al Saud (15 Januar 1876[1] – 9 November 1953) (Arabic: عبد العزيز آل سعود‎) wis the first monarch o The Third Saudi State kent as Saudi Arabie. O his full name Abdul Aziz bin Abdur Rahman Al Saud[2], he wis commonly referred tae as ibn Saud[3].

He wis born in Riyadh intae the House o Saud, which haed follaeed the Salafi muivement o Islam since the 18t century an haed heestorically maintained dominion ower the interior hielands o Arabie kwny as the Nejd (see First Saudi State an Seicont Saudi State). Beginnin wi the reconquest o his faimily's ancestral hame ceety o Riyadh in 1902, Ibn Saud consolidatit his control ower the Nejd in 1922, conquered the Hejaz in 1925. The naition wis foondit an unified as Saudi Arabie in 1932. His later reign saw the discovery o petroleum in Saudi Arabie in 1938, an the beginnin o liarge-scale exploitation o that resource efter Warld War II.

Ibn Saud wis the faither o mony children, includin aw keengs o Saudi Arabie that hae ruled efter him.

Faimily an succession[eedit | eedit soorce]

Succession tae Saudi Arabie's throne haes been a process that haes, tae a lairge extent, excludit aw but the senior members o the Al Saud. Male progeny, wi tenur in senior govrenment positions, whose mithers wur Keeng Abdul Aziz bin Saud's wives an frae prominent peninsula based families an tribes, an who hae shown baith the willingness an ability tae build the necessary consensus frae ither wings in the faimily ar, in theory, the maist eligible candidates. Al Saud ar considered tae be the richest faimily in the warld.

Ibn Saud converses wi then-American Preses Franklin D. Roosevelt (right) through translator Colonel Bill Eddy on board the USS Quincy efter the Yalta Conference

The number o childer that Ibn Saud faithered ar unkent. Ane source indicates that he haed 37 sons. His nummer o wives is put at 22,[4] They include: (names o keengs in bold)

  1. Bi Wadha bint Muhammad al-Hazzam
    1. Turki (I) (1900–1919)
    2. Saud (12 Januar 1902 - 23 Februar 1969); reigned 1953–1964
    3. Nura
    4. Munira
  2. Bi Tarfah bint Abdullah al-Shaikh Abdul-Wahab
    1. Khaled (I) (born 1903, died in infancy)
    2. Faisal (Aprile 1904 - 25 Mairch 1975); reigned 1964–1975
    3. Saad (I) (1914–1919)
    4. Anud (born 1917)
  3. Bi Lulua bint Salih al-Dakhil
    1. Fahd (I) (1905–1919)
  4. Bi Jauhara bint Musa'd Al Saud
    1. Muhammad (1910–1988)
    2. Khaled (II) (1913 - 13 Juin 1982); reigned 1975–1982
  5. Bi Lajah bint Khalid bin Hithlayn
    1. Sara (1916 - June 2000)
  6. Bi Bazza (the first wife named Bazza)
    1. Nasser (1919–1984)
  7. Bi Jawhara bint Sa'ad bin Abd al-Muhsin al-Sudairi
    1. Saad (II) (1920–1993)
    2. Musa'id (born 1923)
    3. Abdul Mohsin (1925–1985)
    4. Al-Bandari bint Abdulaziz (1928–2008)[5]
  8. Bi Hassa bint Ahmad al-Sudairi
    (The sons ar kent as the "Sudairi Seven")
    1. Fahd (II) (1921 - 1 August 2005); reigned 1982–2005
    2. Sultan (1926-2011)
    3. Luluwah bint Abdulaziz (ca 1928 - 2008) [6]
    4. Abd al-Rahman (born 1931)
    5. Naif (1933-2012)
    6. Turki (II) (born 1934)
    7. Salman (born 1935); current keeng
    8. Ahmed (born 1942)
    9. Jawaher
    10. Lateefa
    11. Al-Jawhara
    12. Moudhi (dee'd yung)
    13. Felwa (dee'd yung)
  9. Bi Shahida
    1. Mansur (1922 - 2 Mey 1951)
    2. Mishaal (born 1926)
    3. Qumasha (born 1927)
    4. Mutaib (born 1931)
  10. Bi Fahda bint Asi al-Shuraim
    1. Abdullah (born 1 August 1924); current keeng, syne 2005
    2. Nuf
    3. Sita
  11. Bi Bazza (the seicont wife named Bazza)
    1. Bandar (born 1923)
    2. Fawwaz (1934–2008)
    3. Mishari (1932 - 23 Mey 2000)
  12. Bi Haya bint Sa'ad al-Sudairy (1913 - 18 Aprile 2003)
    1. Badr (I) (1931–1932)
    2. Badr (II) (born 1933)
    3. Huzza (1951-Julie 2000)
    4. Abdalillah (born 1935)
    5. Abdul Majeed (1943–2007)
    6. Nura (born 1930)
    7. Mishail
    8. Zubri
  13. Bi Munaiyir
    1. Talal (I) (1930–1931)
    2. Talal (II) (born 1932)
    3. Nawwaf (born 1933)
    4. Madawi
  14. Bi Mudhi
    1. Sultana bint Abdulaziz (ca. 1928 - 7 Julie 2008) [7]
    2. Haya bint Abdulaziz (ca. 1929- 2 November 2009) [8]
    3. Majed (II) (9 October 1938 - 12 Apryle 2003)
    4. Sattam (born 21 Januar 1941)
  15. Bi Nouf bint al-Shalan
    1. Thamir (1937 - 27 Juin 1959)
    2. Mamduh (born 1941)
    3. Mashhur (born 1942)
  16. Bi Saida al-Yamaniyah
    1. Hidhlul (born 1941)
  17. Bi Khadra
  18. Bi Baraka al-Yamaniyah
    1. Muqran (born 15 September 1945); current seicont croun prince
  19. Bi Futayma
    1. Hamad (1947–1994)
  20. Bi ??
    1. Shaikha (born 1922)
    2. Majed (I)(1934–1940)
    3. Abdul Salem (1941–1942)
    4. Jiluwi (I)(1942–1944)
    5. Jiluwi (II) (1952-1952) Wis the youngest son o Ibn Saud but dee'd as an infant.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The birthdate o Abdul Aziz haes been a source o debate. It is generally acceptit as 1876, awtho a few sources give it as 1880. His mither is Princess Sarah Bint Ahmed AlSudairy. A primar raison statit in Robert Lacey's book "The Kingdom", which gives a clear statement on the reasons why 1876 is mair reasonable, is that a leadin Saudi historian foond records that show Abdul Aziz in 1891 greetin an important tribal delegation. The heestorian reasoned that a nine or ten-year-auld child (as given bi the 1880 birthdate) woud hae been too young tae be allawed tae greet such a delegation, while an adolescent o 14 or 15 (as given bi the 1876 date) woud likely hae been allowed. The major reason, though, is that when Lacey interviewed ane of Ibn Saud's sons prior tae writin the book, the son recalled that his faither aften laughed at records showin his birthdate tae be 1880. Ibn Saud's response tae such records wis that "I swallowed fower years o ma life."
  2. Current Biography 1943, pp330-34
  3. ibn Saud meanin son o Saud an it is a sort o title borne bi previous heads o the House o Saud, similar tae a Scots clan chief's title o "the MacGregor" or "the MacDougall". When uised wi'oot comment it refers solely tae Abdul Aziz. (See Robert Lacey, The Kingdom (NY, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1981), p. 15). Al Saud, wi a similar meanin (faimily o Saud) mey be uised at the end o the full name, while ibn Saud shoud sometimes be uised alane.
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