Hunt the gowk

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Hunt the Gowk Day is on tht 1st o Aprile ilka year in mony kintras. On this day, practical jokes baurs is played on freends an faimily. The baurs is duin for tae gie thaim a reidie.

In Scotland the tradeetional pantomime is tae speir at a body tae deleever a sealt message seekin help o some sort. In fact, the message reads "Dinna lauch, dinna smile. Hunt the gowk anither mile". The recipient, upo readin it, will expone he can anely help if he first contacts anither sowel, an sends the veectim tae this body wi a sel an same message, wi the same affcome. Scotland haes 2 hail days for pliskies, 1st Aprile an 2nt Aprile. (See Preen-tail Day.) As child in Scotland we played ‘Hunt the Gowk’ at anytime. In a group of children one was nominated as “IT” ,the rest of the group would go and hide while the Gowk would close their eyes and count to 30. They would now seek out members of the group and tag them, when tagged they were infected and had to help capture all others. Each person tagged had to then try to infect any free group members. The game would end when all members of the group were tagged. Or your mum called your in for tea.