Hula Hoops

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Hula Hoops is a sautie snack product made fae tatties, in the shape o short, boss ceelinders. Thay are cried aifter the hula hoop, a wheeriorum o seemilar shape. Thay are weel-likit in the Unitit Kinrick. Thay praisently come in five differin gusts: oreeginal (sautie), Barbecue Beef, cheese an ingan, Seezlin Ham, an Saut an Veenegar. Thay are makkit bi KP Snacks.

Hula Hoops packets wis tradeetionally reid, an this is aye still the lit o the oreeginal gust. Sindry on-pack promotions an TV adverteesin haes makkit thair popularity siccar owre monie years.

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