Hugh Gilbert

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The Richt Reverend
Hugh Gilbert OSB
Beeshop o Aiberdeen
Province St Aundras an Edinburgh
Diocese Aberdeen
Appointed 4 Juin 2011
Installed 15 August 2011
Predecessor Peter Moran
Ordination 29 Juin 1982
Consecration 15 August 2011
bi Keith O'Brien
Personal details
Birth name Edward Gilbert
Born (1952-03-15) 15 Mairch 1952 (age 67)
Emsworth, Hampshire, Ingland, Unitit Kinrick
Naitionality Breetish
Denomination Roman Catholic
Previous post Abbot o Pluscarden Aibey (1992 - 2011)
Alma mater King's College London
Motto Omnia in Ipso constant (Aw things haud thegither in Him)

Hugh Gilbert OSB (born 15 Mairch 1952) is an Inglis Benedictine monk wha currently serves as the Catholic Beeshop o Aiberdeen, Scotland. He haed previously served as the Aibot o Pluscarden Aibey, o that he is a member, an aa in Scotland.