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Hops is the female flouer cones o the hop plant (Humulus lupulus). They are uised for maist as a flavorin an stabeelity agent in beer, tho hops is uised for monie purposes in ither drinks an herbal medicine an aw. The first documentit uise in beer is fae the eleivent century. Hops is uised mair extensive in brewin the day for their monie purportit benefits, includin balancin the sweetness o the maut wi bitterness, giein sindry desirable gusts an aromas, an haein an antibiotic effect that faurs the acteevity o brewster's baurm ower less desirable microorganisms.

Hop cone in a Hallertau, Germany, hop yaird

The hop plant is a yauld speelin herbaceous perennial, for ordinar growen up strings in a field cried a hopfield, hop gairden or hop yaird whan growed commercial. Monie unalike varieties o hops is growen bi fairmers athort the warld, wi unalike kynds bein uised for parteecular kynds o beer.