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Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

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The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort wis biggit bi The Walt Disney Company an the Govrenment o Hong Kong; offeicially opened on 12 September, 2005. It conseests o ae Hong Kong Disneyland theme pairk, twa hotels (Disneyland Hotel an Disney's Hollywood Hotel), an retail, dinin (dennerin) an divert faceelities raxin owre 310 acre on Lantau Island. It is locatit on rivit laund aside Penny's Bay, at the noraestern heid o Lantau Island (aboot a mile an a fift fae Diskiverie Bay), in Hong Kong.

Coordinates: 22°18′48″N 114°02′36″E / 22.31333°N 114.04333°E / 22.31333; 114.04333