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The Holden Nova wis a compact caur that wis produced bi the GM-Holden-Toyota alliance, kent as United Australian Automobile Industries (UAAI) in Australie atween August 1989 an 1996. The alliance, an therefore the caur, wis a result o the failed Button caur plan which attemptit tae rationalise the Australian caur manufacturin industry. The Nova wis sauld an mercatit unner the Holden nameplate, awtho it wis a badge ingineered version o the Toyota Corolla, receivin minor stylistic chynges. Unlik the Corolla, the Nova wis sauld ae as a fower-door sedan an five-door hatchback.

In aw years, the Nova wis ootsauld bi the Toyota Corolla in Australie, an frae 1996 caur wis replaced bi the Holden Astra.[1]

First generation (LE, LF; 1989–1994)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The LE an LF series, based on the Corolla E90 wur sauld atween 1989 an 1994. The LE wis affered wi Toyota's 1.4 litre 60-kilowatt (80 hp) ingine (hatchback anerlie) an 1.6 litre 67-kilowatt (90 hp) ingine, in Holden's traditional SL (hatchback anerlie), SLX an SLE trims.[1] The LF Nova, available frae October 1991, addit fuel injection tae the 1.6 litre unit, nou ratit at 75 kilowatts (101 hp).[1] The SLE hatchback wis replaced bi a GS model, awtho SLE continued as a trim on the sedan, then in October 1992, a fuel-injectit 1.8 litre 85-kilowatt (114 hp) ingine wis affered for the GS hatchback. The 1.4 litre option an the SLEs wur unavailable frae 1993.

Seicont generation (LG; 1994–1996)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The LG Nova wis sauld atween 1994 an 1996, awtho a smawer range wis affered. The SLX trim level wis equipped wi a 1.6 litre 78-kilowatt (105 hp) ingine, while the GS trim level denotit the fitment o the 1.8 litre ingine. Fower-door sedan an five-door hatchback options wur affered for baith levels, an aw ingines featurt fuel injection.

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