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1949 Holden 48-215 sedan
Holden 50-2106 coupé utility

The Holden 48-215, an aa kent unofficially as the Holden FX is a mid-size, sax-cylinder sedan which wis produced bi the Australian automaker, General Motors–Holden's Ltd atween November 1948 an October 1953.[1] The design wis originally penned in the Unitit States bi Chevrolet afore Warld War II, but wis rejectit acause it wis deemed too sma for the U.S. market. Instead the design became the basis o the 48-215 model. Development o the 48-215 began in 1944. Three prototypes wur built bi hand in 1946 bi American an Australian ingineers at the General Motors wirkshop in Detroit. Efter months o durability an performance tests in Americae, these prototypes wur shipped tae Australie. The sole survivin prototype, Holden Prototype Car No. 1, is pairt o the Naitional Museum o Australie collection. The Holden wis released for sale tae the public in 1948 at Port Melbourne, Victoria, bi the then Australian Prime Meenister, Ben Chifley. The caur wis marketit simply as the “Holden”, athoot a model name. [2]

The 50-2106 Coupe Utility, based on the 48-215 sedan, wis released in Januar 1951 [3] an in Julie 1953 the Holden Business Sedan, essentially a taxi version o the 48-215, wis addit tae the range. [4] The 48-215 model made way for the updatit Holden FJ in 1953, which woud later became an iconic Australian caur.

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