Hieland Inglis

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Hieland Inglis is the variety o Scots Inglis spaken bi mony in the Scots Hielands. It is mair strangly influenced bi Gaelic than ither forms o Scots Inglis.[1][2] Island Inglis is the variety spaken as a seicont leid bi native Gaelic speakers in the Ooter Hebrides. The varieties o Inglis spaken in the Hielands can be dividit intae five categories:

  1. Aulder native speakers o Gaelic, wha hae acquired local varieties o Inglis as a seicont leid.
  2. Native Gaelic speakers wha hae spent extendit periods ootside the Hielands an acquired some ither variety o Inglis.
  3. Speakers whase first leid is English raither than Gaelic, an wha hae acquired a mair-or-less distinctive variety o Hieland Inglis frae their parents or peers.
  4. Speakers o Lawland Scots or Scots Inglis.
  5. Speakers o Inglis leid in Ingland or non-Scots varieties.

Hiehland Inglis excludes the last twa categories. It is nae surpreise that there is substantial differences atween the dialect o speakers in the first three categories.

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