Hideki Tojo

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Hideki Tōjō
東條 英機
Hideki Tojo.jpg
Prime Meenister o Japan
Leader o the Taisei Yokusankai
In office
October 17, 1941 – Julie 22, 1944
Monarch Shōwa
Precedit bi Fumimaro Konoe
Succeedit bi Kuniaki Koiso
Personal details
Born 30 December 1884(1884-12-30)
Hamachi destrict o Tokyo, Empire o Japan
Dee'd 23 December 1948(1948-12-23) (aged 63) executit bi hangin
Tokyo, occupied Japan
Poleetical pairty Imperial Rule Assistance Association (1940–1945)
Ither poleetical
Independent (afore 1940)
Spoose(s) Katsuko Ito
Bairns 3 sons
4 dauchters
Alma mater Imperial Japanese Airmy Academy
Airmy War College
Religion Shinto

Hideki Tōjō (Kyūjitai: 東條 英機; Shinjitai: 東条 英機; Aboot this soondTōjō Hideki ) (December 30, 1884 – December 23, 1948) wis a general o the Imperial Japanese Airmy (IJA), the heid ane o the Taisei Yokusankai, an the 40t Prime Meenister o Japan throu maist o Warld War II, frae October 17, 1941 tae Julie 22, 1944. As Prime Meenister, he wis direct responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor, that led tae the war atween Japan an the Unitit States, tho plannin for it had begun afore he entered office. Efter the end o the war, Tōjō wis reestit, sentenced tae deith for Japanese war crimes bi the Internaitional Militar Tribunal for the Far East, an wis hingit on December 23, 1948.