Heli Järvinen

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Heli Järvinen

Heli Järvinen (born May 31, 1963 in Tampere) is a Finnish politeecian for the Green League, representin the Sooth Savo constituency.[1] She wis electit tae the Finnish Parliament in the parliamentary election o Mairch 2007. She is an aw a member o the municipal cooncil o Kerimäki. She lost her seat in Parliament in 2011 elections.

Järvinen haes a maister's degree in poleetical science frae the University o Tampere an haes an aw graduatit as a teacher o communications from the University o Jyväskylä. Prior tae her election tae the parliament she wirkit as a journalist an a teacher. Järvinen is marriet an haes twa childer.

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