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Hambleton is a veelage an ceevil parish in Rutland, Ingland. It is locatit aboot twa miles (3 km) east o Oakham. In 2001 it haed a population o 140. Syne the construction o Rutland Water in the 1970s, the veelage haes been closed aff on three sides bi watter an the aurie is kent as the Hambleton Peninsulae.

The parish oreeginally includit the settlements o Upper Hambleton, Middle Hambleton an Nether Hambleton. The latter twa hae nou been amaist completely submerged bi the construction o Empingham Reservoir (nou Rutland Water). The Jacobean style Auld Haw in Middle Hambleton (biggit in 1611) is nou situatit on the watter's edge.

The veelage contains the 12t century Kirk o Ingland kirk o St Andras, a pub cried The Finch's Arms an a hotel an restaurant, Hambleton Hall. The kirk, hintle enlairged ower its history still haes an oreeginal Norman sooth doorway an wis extensively restored an fittit oot durin the 19t century. This includit excellent stained gless windaes creatit mainly bi J Egan durin the last decade o the 19t century. Adjacent tae the sooth side o the kirk yard staunds a saxteent century priest hoose.[1] The Haw wis biggit in 1881 as a huntin box bi Walter Marshall who left it tae his sister, Eva Astley Paston Cooper. She wis a socialite who gathered a salon includin Noel Coward, Malcolm Sargent an Charles Scott-Moncrieff. Coward wrote Hay Fever while stayin in the veelage.

Thare is a view athort tae Burley House frae the north side o the veelage an frae the sooth ane can see athort tae the sailin club at Edith Weston on the far shore. The track aroond the peninsulae alang the lakeside takes walkers an cyclists throu bluebell woods.

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