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The Hafei Lobo is a ceety caur based on the Lubao (Lobo) design bi Pininfarina[1] produced bi the Cheenese manufacturer Hafei Motor syne 2002.

Its chassis is sourced frae Breetish company Lotus.

In Roushie, its name is Hafei Brio. In Sri Lanka, the caurs is marketit as the Micro Trend frae Micro Cars Limited. In Malaysie, the caur is marketit as the Naza Sutera frae Naza. In Thailand, Naza Sutera frae Malaysie is marketit as Naza Forza.

The Hafei Lobo is available wi the follaein tae petrol-pouered ingines:

  • '1.0 -DA465Q-2- 8V 33.5 kW (45 hp) (Euro II)
  • '1.1 -DA468Q- 16V 48 kW (64 hp)

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