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Korean transcription(s)
 • Hanja
 • Revised RomanizationHaeundae-gu
 • McCune-ReischauerHaeundae-gu
KintraSooth Korea
Provincial levelBusan
Admeenistrative diveesions18 administrative dong
 • Total51.44 km2 (19.86 sq mi)
 • Total423,167
 • Density8226/km2 (21,310/sq mi)
 • Dialect
WebsiteHaeundae Destrict Office

Haeundae-gu is a gu in eastren Busan, Sooth Korea. It haes a aurie o 51.44 km², an a population o aboot 423,000. This represents aboot 11.6% o the population in Busan.[2] It became a diveesion o Busan in 1976 an attained the status o gu in 1980.

Haeundae is a affluent beach front commonty that attracts tens o thoosans o tourists durin simmer. It haes been subject tae considerable commercial development in recent decades.

The beach is linkit tae Busan Subway Line 2 an train stations on the Donghae Nambu railwey line.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

APEC House an Guangan Brig

Haeundae takes its name frae the nint hunderyear Silla scholar an poet Choi Chi-won (leeterar name Haeun, or "Sea an Clouds"), who, accordin tae a historical accoont, admired the view frae the beach an biggit a pavilion nearbi. A piece o Choi's calligrafie, which he engravit on a rock at Haeundae, still exists.[3]

Haeundae uised tae be isolatit frae the lairge commonties in Busan an Busanjin. It remained undevelopit till the late 1970s an early 1980s. A smaw nummer o luxury hotels wur constructit efter the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Mair hotels an ither tourist facilities hae been constructit on the beach-front aurie syne the mid-1990s, an shoppin maws an movie theatre complexes hae been biggit in the 'centre' o Haeundae: a aurie atween Haeundae Station an the beach. The aurie haes continued tae grow, apairt frae durin the Asie financial creesis o 1997.

Haeundae haes been a regular host o the annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). Haeundae's Dongbaek Island wis the location for the 2005 APEC Conference.

Haeundae New Town (해운대 신시가지-Haeundae Sinsigaji), a major commercial an residential redevelopment project begun in 1990, is locatit in the Jwa-dong aurie. This aurie lees in the soothren shadow o Jangsan muntain tae the north, an is boondit in the sooth bi Haeundae Station on the Dalmaji Gogae line o the Korean Naitional Railroad. Anither development project, Centum City, haes been ongoin syne early 2000 an is nou a major featur o Busan. Its BEXCO (Busan Exhibition an Convention Center) haes acome a popular venue for internaitional conventions an exhibitions. Marine City, locatit nearbi, is constructit on laund reclaimit frae the sea, an haes several huge, heich-rise apairtment blocks. Addeetional apairtment blocks are unner construction, wi watter resorts an relatit facilities, for uise bi the public, planned for Marine City an aw.

Haeundae Beach[eedit | eedit soorce]

View o eastren Haeundae

Haeundae Beach in Haeundae-gu is locatit at the sootheast end o the ceety o Busan. Haeundae beach is 40 minutes awa frae Busan's main railwey station (in the Dountoun aurie), an less nor ane oor frae Gimhae Internaitional Airport. Alang the 12 km o coastline is Busan's maist popular beach, an wi Seogwipo's, it is ane o the maist famous beaches in Sooth Korea. Acause o its easy access frae dountoun Busan, the beach is busy year roond wi several kynds o beach festivals. Maist visitors are domestic. Dongbaekseom (Dongbaek Island), at the sooth end o the beach, is a popular fishin aurie. Oryukdo (Oryuk Islets), a seembol o Busan tae mony Koreans, can be seen in the distance frae Dongbaek Island. Durin the het simmer months (late Julie tae early August when maist Koreans tak thair simmer vacation), Haeundae beach becomes hivily croudit intae a virtual human waw wi thoosans o fowk an parasols packit intae a mile o sand. Visitors tae the beach come frae aw ower Sooth Korea as well as ootside o Korea. Haeundae is hame tae maist o Busan's expatriate population.

Thare are mony beach-relatit cultural events in Haeundae. Alang wi Geumjeongsan an Dalmaji (Greetin o the Muin) Gogae, Haeundae is ane o the maist popular spots in Busan tae view the New Year sunrise, wi aroond 1000 fowk gatherin afore dawn. An aw, a popular beach event occurs in the first week o Januar when the temperatur is aroond 0 °C, the "Polar Bear Club." This event haes occurred annually at the Choseon Beach Hotel syne 1988. Durin the 2006 FIFA Warld Cup match atween Sooth Korea an Togo mair nor 50,000 spectators filled the beach tae cheer for the Korean team on a giant projector screen.[4] The Nurimaru, pure Korean meanin for Nuri (Warld) an Maru (Peak or tap) wis developed in preparation for the 17t APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit on Nov 18-19 in 2005, as the conference haw for APEC. The biggin is three stories heich an is locatit at the tip o Dongbaek Island. The ceilin o the Nurimaru is modeled efter Seokguram, a Buddhist temple in Gyeongju.

Marine City on a Cloudy Day

Film an televieesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

The destrict wis the settin o the movie Haeundae, a Sooth Korean disaster movie based on the somewha unlikely scenario o a immense tsunami hittin the ceety o Busan.

The beach an Dongbaekseom Island wis uised as a filmin location for Seoul Broadcasting System's 2008 drama Star's Lover. The island wis the location for the scene whaur Lee Ma-ri, played bi Choi Ji-woo confesses her luve for Kim Chul Soo, played bi Yoo Ji-tae; an the couple taks a walk on the beach.[5]

Admeenistrative diveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lichthoose at Haeundae Beach

Haeundae-gu is dividit intae 7 legal dong, which aathegither comprise 18 admeenistrative dong, as follaes:

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