Hacienda Humboldt

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Hacienda Humboldt is an ejido in the municipality o Julimes Municipality, Chihuahua which wis ance a private cattle ranch. It belangit for a period o time tae Luis Terrazas an wis sauld bi him for the formation o a colony o Sooth African refugees frae the Anglo Boer War. The refugees wur assistit in their project bi Preses Theodore Roosevelt. He hired Marshall Latham Bond tae represent him afore Terrazas an the govrenment o Mexico. The colony niver pairticularly thrivit. The Humboldt colonists awready beginnin in 1908 tae emigrate tae mair active Mexican touns like Ciudad de Chihuahua an fermin auries like the Mesilla Valley in the Unitit States. Boers who stayed in Mexico marriet intae local faimilies, or muivit awa resultin in the loss o the commonty's identity wi the Boers bi the mid-1930s.

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