HP Sauce

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HP Sauce is a condiment, a weel-likit broun gravy makkit in Aston, Birmingham, Ingland. Hit haes a maut veenegar foond mellt wi fruit an yerbs an is for ordinar eaten as an adjunct tae het or haarie savourie fuid, or uised tae kitchen brees an stoves.

The oreeginal receipt for HP Sauce wis cleckit an developit bi F.G. Garton, a grocer fae Nottingham. F.G. Garton's Sauce Manufacturing begoud tae mercat HP Sauce in 1903. Garton cam tae cry the gravy HP acause he haed fand oot that a restaurant in the Hooses o Pairliament haed begoud serin hit. Garton selt the receipt an HP kenmerk for the tot o £150 an the lave o twa-three unpeyed bills tae Edwin Samson Moore.

HP is nou aucht Heinz.

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