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The Guilden Morden boar is a saxt- or seivent-century Anglo-Saxon capper alloy figure o a boar that mey haev ance served as the creest o a helm. It wis fund aroond 1864 or 1865 in a graff in Guilden Morden, a veelage in the eastlin Inglis coonty of Cambridgeshire. Thare the boar attended a skeleton wi ither objects, includin a smaw yirdlenware bead wi an incised paitern,[1] awtho the boar is aw that now remains.[2] Herbert George Fordham, whase faither oreeginally deescovered the boar, donated it tae the Breetish Museum in 1904; in 2017 it wis on view in room 41.[1][3]

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