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The first page frae Beowulf (in Old English)

Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon epic poem, conseedered ane o the maist important pieces o Anglo-Saxon leetaratur. It descrives the life o Beowulf, a hero, an later king, o the Geats (pairt o modren day Swaden), an is set aroon Denmark an Swaden. It wis writ atweesh the 8t an 11t centuries bi an unbekent author.

Story[eedit | eedit soorce]

The main chairacter, Beowulf, a Geatish hero, hears aboot an unbeast, Grendel, wha is attackin the mead haw, Heorot, o the king o the Danes, Hrothgar. Beowulf decids tae fecht the unbeast sae traivels tae the aid o the Danes. He defeats Grendel an becams a hero. Houaniver, this enrages the beasts mither, wha Beowulf defeats in her underwater mere uisin a magic swuird. He gains muckle renown.

Later, he becams king o the Geats an efter 50 years, his kinrick is attackit bi a draigon. The draigon is diskivered tae be gairdin a muckle amoont o treisur. He defeats this draigon but dees o his wunds, lea'in his aw the treisur to his kinrick.