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Guadalupe (name)

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Guadalupe is a unisex gien name in the Spainyie leid.

The name initially designatit a river in the province o Extremadura, Spain. It haes been interpretit aither as an Arabic wird, or a Arabic/Latin compoond wird. In the first case, it wad derive frae Wad-al-luben, in Arabic "hidden river"; in the seicont case it wad derive frae Wadi Lupe, a compoond o wadi (Arabic for "river") an lupe (Laitin for "wouf").[1]

The name became famous as a result o a 14t-hunderyear Marian apparition an associatit pilgrimate steid, locatit in a toun cried Guadalupe near the soorce o the Guadalupe river. The apparition, an the statue associatit wi it, wis oreeginally kent as "Oor Lady o Guadalupe" an is nou kent as "Oor Lady o Guadalupe, Extremadura" or "Oor Lady o Extremadura".

Twa hunderyears later, the name gained even greater fame throu association wi anither Marian apparition associatit wi the name Guadalupe. The apparition an the image it made famous became kent as Oor Lady o Guadalupe.

The Mexican Guadalupe supplantit her Spainyie oreeginal baith in name an in fame - tae the pynt whaur douts aboot her Spainyie parentage hae even been raised. Thare are some who contend that the Mexican "Guadalupe" is in fact a corruption o a wird in the native Nahuatl leid. Nanetheless it is fairly certaint that the Mexican name "Guadalupe", as a title for the Virgin Mary, daes in fact derive frae the Spainyie place-name, probably bi some association o the Virgin wi the Spainyie cult o Oor Lady o Guadalupe (Extremadura), which wad hae been strang at the time o the Spainyie conquista o Mexico, an which claimit its awn apparition, shrine an pilgrimage.[2]

The day, the name "Guadalupe" is relatively common in Hispanic kintras, especially in Mexico, whaur it can be a personal name as well as a place name. As a personal name, it can be gien tae baith boys an girls. Notable examples for a boy's name are Guadalupe Victoria, a Mexican general, an Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo, a Mexican politeecian.

Notable fowk[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Guadalupe Victoria, nom de guerre o the first Preses o Mexico
  • María Guadalupe Jones Garay, best kent as Lupita Jones (born 1968), Mexican businesswumman, umwhile model an brawness queen
  • María Guadalupe Villalobos Vélez, kent as Lupe Velez (born 1908), a Mexican film actress who starred in mony clessic Hollywood films.

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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  2. The name's use in relation to the Marian apparition in Mexico has led to some controversy regarding its origin and meaning. The name's similarity to a variety of Nahuatl wirds and phrases have given rise to various hypotheses that "Guadalupe" was a corruption of these Nahuatl phrases - the idea being that the Spanish in 16th century Mexico found it difficult to pronounce Nahuatl. Such Nahuatl phrases include Coatlaxopeuh ("The one (female) that defeat the snake", interpreted as a reference to the serpent-Devil in the book of Genesis); Tequatlanopeuh (she whose origins were in the rocky summit"), and Tequantlaxopeuh ("She who banishes those who devoured us"). The first to suggest the corruption theory behind the name was Bercera Tanco, in 1675. However, every manuscript from the first 150 years following the apparition uses the name "Guadalupe", including the original text in Nahuatl, leading scholars to conclude that time provides "no historical evidence indicating that the Virgin was called by any of the names proposed".[citation needit] In fact, accounts of Spaniards' response to the story of the apparitions show that it was the native Mexicans who insisted on using the name "Guadalupe" for Mary. A number of Spaniards had urged that "Guadalupe" be abandoned for a Nahuatl name, like Tepeaquilla or Tepeaca.