Greyfriars Bobby

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Greyfriars Bobby
This statue o Bobby sits at the corner o Edinburgh's Candlemaker Row an George IV Brig, an is a Category A leetit biggin
BreedSkye Tarrie or dandie dinmont tarrie
Born4 Mey 1855
Edinburgh, Scotland
Dee'd14 January 1872 (aged 16)
Edinburgh, Scotland
Restin placeGreyfriars Kirkyard
Kent forGairdin the graff o its awner till he dee'd himsel on 14 Januar 1872
AwnerJohn Gray
AwairdsKey tae the Ceety o Edinburgh

Greyfriars Bobby wis a Skye tarrie or dandie dinmont tarrie[1] dug that became weel-kent in 19t century Edinburgh fur supposedly spendin 14 year gairdin the graff o his awner till he dee'd hissel on 14 Januar 1872.

He belanged tae John Gray, a nichtwatchman that got Bobby tae keep him company durin his shifts.[1]

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