Gravitational waw

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Gravitational waws is spacetime lippers that kythes as waws.

History o human knawledge[eedit | eedit soorce]

Albert Einstein wis the first tae hypothesise the o gravitational waws in 1916. The larach o his thinkin wis his theory o relativity, gravitational waws bein impossible unner ither aulder theories o gravity, lik that o Isaac Newton.

Indireck pruif o gravitational waws wis fund in the 70s fae studyin pulsars.

It wis first leukit til bi LIGO in September 2015 an first propailt in Februar 2016. The leukin til wis o twa black holes gangin thegither.

History o waws[eedit | eedit soorce]

Waws, in physics, ur th transfer o energy by th reegulir vibration, o oscillatory motion, either o some material medeeum or by th variation in magnitude o th field vectors o an electrmgnet field. Mony kenspeckle phenomena ur associated wi energy transfer in th form o waws. Sound is a longitudinal waw that travels thro' matteril media by alternatively forcing th mollekus o th medium closer thgither, then spreading thaim apairt. Light n ither forms o electrmgnetc radiation travel thro spooc as transverse waws; th displacements at richt angles tae th direction o tae waves ur th field intensity vectors ower than motions o th material particles o' some medium. Wi tae deviloment o th' quantum theory, twas fun that particles in motion an a hae certain wave properties, anaw an associated wawlength n frequency related tae thair momentum n energy.